The order of things matters.  Hudson+Duke seeks to deliver Insight, Strategy & Innovation for our clients, but that process begins with the client. 

Listening & Learning

Listening, reflecting, questioning and vetting start the process.  Nothing beats a good conversation.  Following that, reviewing applicable information, existing or new data and research, and deep analysis are the precursors to any successful engagement.  That’s where we begin.


Once we know you and your organization’s challenges, broadening our focus to encapsulate the space in which you operate provides a deeper understand of the situation faced.  From those areas of knowledge and understanding creative insight is sparked.  That insight, once grasped, can be focused into action. 


Actionable insights, once vetted, drive toward elegant, intuitive and efficient plans for implementation.  Strategically aligning your organizations efforts with your desired goals allows for successful outcomes. Doing so in the way that is least disruptive and reduces risk allows you to maximize those returns. 


Now is the time for innovation.  Creativity for the sake of ego seldom delivers compelling, sustainable results.  Innovation directed by strategy and insight can deliver amazing, disruptive change, but it must be focused properly, used wisely and implemented well.

This is the path we propose, because we deeply believe that the order of things matters…